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I was very impressed with the Fall 2011 collection by NARS.  I was able to play with the colors before they launched on the counters while we were painting the models for the Neiman Marcus Conclave gathering where all the cosmetic lines preview their colors to the Neimans buyers and cosmetic gurus.  Although some pieces of the collection are subdued, in true NARS spirit, they delivered with a blue single eye shadow as charasmatic as the name suggests.

The Delphes trio reminds me of underwater mermaids – glowing in the ending light of the day.  Softly iridescent,  these muted sea-tones give variety.  Gentle enough for the business gal, yet playful enough to spark some attention. I suggest adding the palette on top of Mousson.  This will maintain the integrity of the shadow hues and give some longevity to the eye makeup.  (Retail $45)

The Grand Palais due is subtle to the touch but has some star potential for the girl not quite ready for the smoky eye.  Laying the deeper rouge-colored “dusty rose” in the crease, and popping a soft layer of the “silvery taupe” on the base of the lid will gives some radiance to the normally sallow eye.  Be careful, however, as too much pink-undertoned shadow can bring attention to dark circles. This duo is the 21st century approach to the classic Marilyn Monroe eye.  (Retail $33)

The star of the collection, as is normally the case with NARS, is the “true blue” single eye shadow Outremer.  Bold and unapologetic, this single shadow makes for a great liner.  Wetting a flat or tight-line brush and dragging a thin line up to the outer crease will give a clean awake visual to the eye.  For the professional – or the drama queen – the shadow could be laid heavy on the entire lid, most likely on top of the Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base.  I don’t suggest using cream eyeshadows underneath the placement of a chroma-bright color as it tends to look heavy and at times the color isn’t seamless.  This is certainly one to have fun with!

All available online at the NARS website, or fine retailers.


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My mission is simple: creating an avenue for men and women to feel good about themselves. Makeup and skincare, for me, is much less about vanity and appearance, and much more about being the best you. Approaching 15 years in this industry, I have had the opportunity to really see it all. I have never taken for granted the experiences that I have had - the people I have been privy to meet. Each encounter, celebrity or not, has enriched my love of makeup and driven my desire to be a catalyst for self-realization. In it's simplest form, makeup is a mask. That is not something I deny nor ignore. However, there is power in makeup. It has the ability to transform, becomes the platform for self expression. I hope this blog adds some color to your life. My hope is that anyone that takes a moment to read will learn something about themselves.

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  1. This is great !! Love it !

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